Your home is your greatest financial asset and there’s nothing more frustrating than seeing buyers walk away. 

First impressions are essential for inspections to be a success. At the very least, you want the front of your home and the interior to look neat, tidy and welcoming.

As experienced local agents, we spend a lot of time with clients helping to prime their properties so they’ll achieve the best possible price.

For a successful sale, we have to avoid falling into traps that turn off buyers or put us in a position where we are forced to negotiate a discount to strike a deal.

Our goal is simple: Have as many people as possible excited about living in your home. That way, you’ll sell quickly at a great price.

Below are eight of the most common issues in a home that will send buyers running to the next property.

Eau de dog

Nothing kills the buy-vibe more than the evidence of pets. Water-damaged floorboards are signs experienced buyers will notice. You may not be able to pick up pet odour in your home, but everyone else will. A fool-proof remedy to boost your price is to move out (taking the animals with you), employ professional cleaners and use professionals to stage the home with new furniture and fresh rugs.

Risky remodels

Buyers baulk at homes with upgrades that needed official permission but didn’t get it. Illegal upgrades will cause a big problem for you. If this is your scenario, talk to a lawyer and local authority before putting the home on the market.  

Well, it’s different

When it comes to paint colours, carpets and even object d’art, being unique is not always a selling point. Buyers blinded by a loud colour scheme will walk away from their perfect home. If your home fits this description, turn it into something more vanilla. And replace any patterned carpet with a modern and consistent floor covering.

It’s a jungle out there

Nothing tells a buyer your home is high maintenance and may have problems created by ignored repairs more than a ramshackle, overgrown garden. You don’t need a green thumb to cut everything back and do a clean up. It’s a small investment that will pay you back in spades.

Parking blues

Off-street parking is gold. Not everyone has a garage, and while you’d be crazy to build one just to sell a home, a carport is sufficient and may be easy to install. When buyers visit, keep the parking space clear of bins, toys and bikes to maximise the impression of space.

So shallow

Swimming pools are a blessing and a curse. In the summer, everyone loves them. In the winter, all buyers think about is the hassle of cleaning them. If a pool is a prominent feature of your home, consider timing your sale for the warmer months. 

Retro kitchen

Kitchens that have weathered the decades are a huge turn-off. Some excellent upgrade strategies don’t require a total rip-and-replace. Updating doors, drawers and handles is a sound investment. If your budget stretches, install modern appliances. 

Clutter bug

A tidy home is the most essential preparation before a buyer comes through your property. Put away laundry, toys, dishes and so on. Pack up and store as much as you can that you won’t need until you get to your new home. A dirty or messy home puts you on the back foot in any negotiation.