Preparing Your Property for Lease

Preparing Your Property for Lease


Ensuring your property has been thoroughly cleaned prior to showing prospective tenants is very important. Nothing discourages a potential tenant more than a dirty home – bathrooms and kitchens in particular.

Have carpets steam or dry cleaned. Tenants are required to have them professionally cleaned upon vacating the property.

Also be sure to give the exterior a clean & tidy – including removal of cobwebs, cleaning of window screens & dirty weatherboards, removal of any rubbish, clearing out of garages and sheds, emptying of rubbish bins etc.


It is also very important to ensure the garden is presented at its best. Including garden maintenance in the rental price is an option you may wish to consider.

Pay particular attention to:

  • the pruning back any over hanging trees/vines;
  • weeding of garden beds;
  • mowing and edging of lawns; and
  • removal of garden refuse.


Some general maintenance issues to consider:

  • check if your property has operational smoke detectors;
  • replace tap washers if required;
  • clean out spouting & guttering;
  • are heating/cooling systems due for servicing?
  • replace light globes where required;
  • have chimneys been swept out and are they fireproof?

Services & Utilities

Be sure to organise final readings for gas, telephone, electricity & water.

If you have a monitored alarm, do not forget to cancel or transfer tenant details if required.

Advise pool, garden and tennis court maintenance contractors of our details or cancel services if not required.

Contact Australia Post to arrange a mail re-direction order.

Note: Please check with your Property Manager first as power should be left on for swimming pools, alarm systems, automatic sprinkler systems, remote control gates until the property is tenanted.

Insurance Cover

  • Is your building & public liability insurance adequate?
  • Do you have Landlords’ Protection Insurance?

This can include cover for fixtures & fittings, malicious acts by tenants or visitors, loss of rental and additional legal liability.

Instruction Booklets/Guarantees

Please leave instruction booklets/guarantees (or copies) on the kitchen bench along with any handy hints tenants may find helpful.


Ensure a full set of keys, security swipe cards & remote controls have been provided to your Property Manager including keys for window locks, garage, garden sheds with remote control and alarm codes (if applicable).

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