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The Best Property Manager

All landlords and tenants want to work with the best property manager. The landlord is looking for a manager that responds to any queries quickly and has their, and the property’s, best interest at heart whilst being careful to spend wisely when arranging maintenance and other necessary costs.

The Best Property Managers

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The Best Property Manager

A tenant also wants a manager that responds quickly and efficiently whilst meeting their needs and requests.

The best property managers realise they have a responsibility and relationship with both parties and whilst working for and being paid by the landlord they must also act fairly to any demands or requests a tenant may have.


When working as a property manager both parties must know they are important to us and will be treated fairly.


We have a large number of enquiries from new landlords that are with other agencies stating they are unhappy with the service they are receiving from their property manager and they feel the manager is no good. Whilst this may be the case it is usually only a matter of the manager being overworked and underpaid and they just can’t keep up with all the things that need to be done to maintain the management of the property at a required level. The first thing to go are the routine inspections. If you don’t receive a written report with date stamped photo’s every 6 months you need to ask for this.


Whilst any agency can get good online feedback it is hard to stop the bad feedback if they’re not performing. Feedback is generally a good guide to the satisfaction of current clients of an agency whether they be landlords or tenants.


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