Photography is a key element in any successful campaign to sell your home. It must have a wow factor that inspires prospective buyers to get in their car and attend an inspection.

As experienced local agents, we’ll manage the photography of your home and work with our preferred professionals to achieve a five-star outcome.

But it’s always useful to understand what makes great house photography and how the challenge should be met. There’s more to it than taking a few snaps with your phone. 

Below are the key elements of a successful photo-shoot so you know you’re getting the very best service.  

Always ‘high-res’ 

Your photography should be handled in the highest resolution possible. This allows the photographer to edit the images to ensure appropriate brightness and contrast. The internet doesn’t need high-res photos, but they’re essential for editing and printed material.

Go wide-angle 

Professionals will use a 12mm lens, sometimes going to an 18mm lens. These options produce a realistic impression of room size. The image mustn’t misrepresent your home to prospective buyers, or they’ll leave unhappy but it can give a feeling of space that’s not obvious from a phone shot. 

Eye-level perfection 

The difference between photographs taken at eye level and those from an elevated view of 1-2m is amazing. A higher perspective, with the camera pointing down towards the floor, makes rooms appear smaller and distorted.

Ceiling overload

Ceilings should never be a focal point. When the photography stays at eye level, you’ve got a good opportunity at achieving this. Big expanses of white ceiling space never sells a property!

Stay in the corners

There are a million angles from which to take photos. But the images that usually work best are taken from a corner of the room.

Hero image

It’s important to pick the most striking photograph that will grab the attention of your target market. Sometimes, this can be a swimming pool, beautiful garden or even a spectacular view from the balcony.