Rental Property Management Services

Rental Property Management Services

When it comes to the management and appraisal of any rental property it is important to get everything right. Rental Properties are an investment and your Agent and you the Landlord need to keep in mind that as an investment you benefit from the property in more ways than one.

Financially the property provides a reliable income stream & cash flow but also appreciates in value. This increase or capital gain is especially important as it is not taxed unless the rental property is sold.

To create the best income stream and capital growth it is important to maintain your rental property and manage it effectively so you always have good tenants that pay their rent on time. There are only two reasons that rental properties are vacant during management, these are if the property rent is priced out of the market compared to other similar rental properties and secondly if the property becomes run down and unpleasant.

At Property Management Melbourne we pride ourselves on the level and range of services offered and given to both our landlords and tenants alike. It is important to us for our clients to believe in us and so we offer any new landlords a 3-month money back guarantee.

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