Property Management St Kilda

Property Management St Kilda

St Kilda as evidenced by its many mansions was originally Melbourne’s most luxurious and bohemian bayside suburb. In the late 60’s and 70’s it suffered from and influx of drugs and prostitution and a criminal element.

Since then it has slowly been on the mend until today where it is once again a suburb offering all the best of Melbourne from the trendy Acland St to new apartment buildings by Melbourne’s most prolific quality bayside developer Leon Mrocki.

Rental prices are always strong and have been growing along with the values over the last decade.

Our local property manager reports that building sites suitable for apartment development now command prices of up to $7000 per sq meter which is pretty much a record anywhere in Victoria.


A new 2 bedroom apartment will start at $650,000 and demand a rent of about $550 per week whilst a 1 bedroom apartment will be hard to find under $370 a week unless it is old or in need of some renovation.

On the doorstep of the Bay, Luna Park and icons such as The Esplanade Hotel it is a safe bet that prices will remain strong for many years to come for property management and sales.

The population of the area is cosmopolitan with about 65% of all property being leased to tenants who commute daily to the city by way of the extensive public transport available being buses and Trams and trains from the nearby Balaclava Station.

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