Property Management Prahran

Property Management Prahran

Prahran is a suburb in which 54% of all property is rental property compared to average 24% for the rest of Melbourne. Residents who live in the area as in most suburbs adjacent to the CBD are mainly professionals who work in the city.

In all 47% of homes in Prahran are apartments, houses make up the balance of homes with 22% semi detached or townhouses and 27% free standing homes.

During 2010 values of all property in Prahran has increased.


Rental rates generally are set by demand from tenants, this demand is set to rise as home values rise many potential purchasers are cut out of the competition simply by being priced out of the market.

In turn this leads to an increase in demand from these same people for rental property causing our friend “supply and demand” to drive the rental values up. This is a never ending cycle where the demand for the property whether rental or to buy continually causes values to rise.

Prahran is in demand from both tenants and owner occupiers alike; the rental property that we manage in Prahran is hardly ever vacant due to this demand. Preparing your property nicely for tenants is important as most tenants attracted to the suburb demand homes that are in clean and serviceable condition.

Managing properties in Prahran is our specialty as it is our home suburb and we are ideally positioned to attend to all manner of rental property nearby. We have property on our books with weekly rentals from $300 to $1,350.

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