Property Management Middle Park

Property Management Middle Park

Middle Park is located in Bayside Melbourne. Desirable to all as it offers Beachside living whilst being located close to the CBD and all that the surrounding suburbs such as Port Melbourne and St Kilda have to offer.

With a significant property management portfolio in Middle Park, our property managers report that median rents are on the rise and a 2 bedroom apartment or unit on average will now set you back about $450 per week whilst some new properties will be closer to $1000 per week.

Houses are generally owner occupied but the property available for rent will range from the $500’s to well over $1000 per week.


The median price of a free standing house in Middle Park which make up some 25% of all homes in the area is $1,650,000 as at early 2010 and on the rise. This is by no means a top price for the area making this one of Melbourne’s most exclusive and sought after suburbs.

Units and apartments make up a further 25% of all homes in the suburb with a more affordable median price around $590,000. These figures show an annual increase of some 35% over a year ago at December 08.

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