Property Management Melbourne CBD

Property Management Melbourne CBD

Melbourne CBD has and still is being developed to provide more residential accommodation as demand increases from newcomers to the city. We have many requests for inner city apartments from overseas students who are generally very good tenants.

The influx of students from other countries due to the governments drive to sell education overseas has driven prices up enormously over the last 5 years making it very expensive to now rent in the city.

Property Management Melbourne sourced an apartment for a client only 3 years ago for $310,000 which is a large one bedroom with no car parking which has just been revalued by his bank at $500,000 and attracts a weekly rent of some $440 per week.


Rental prices are now always strong and have been substantially over the last few years.

Apartments in Melbourne CBD should never be vacant in the current market and your returns will be strong. Even 3 bedroom apartments attract huge returns where students get together and rent as a group. $800 is not uncommon for a tidy 3 bedroom city apartment.

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