You receive 100% of your rent each month.

You receive 100% of your rent each month.

At Property Management Melbourne we have developed a technique which is unique in Melbourne of paying 100% of your rental income into your nominated bank account prior to any Real Estate Agents fees or property expenses being deducted.

This in turn enables you to know in advance exactly how much rent you will receive each month as all your costs such as Rates, Agents Fees and Owners Corporation expenses are deducted from your loan account.

What this means is that instead of paying Interest only or Principal and Interest and having huge out of pocket expenses you have a loan that increases in amount by about 1% every year, but when you compare that with your rate of capital growth about 8% for Melbourne your equity is still growing at a profound rate and your “out of pocket expenses” are usually next to nothing.

Our Landlords love it as it either, frees up their cash flow and allows them to reinvest sooner or just enjoy life without tipping it all into their investments.

To discuss this method and how Property Management Melbourne can assist you with your rental property please call or fill out the form below with any questions or comments.

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